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We provide subtitling solution for videos in more than 100 languages

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Our Story

As our technology advances and humans become more connected than ever, language remains one of the barriers that keep people from understanding one another. If you want to watch a video from another country and you do not speak their language natively, chances are, you would require a subtitle to understand it.

So we created SubtitleBee, an AI-based tool to generate subtitles that enables anyone to comprehend the spoken language on a video with ease. The idea started in 2019 when one of our founders could not understand a foreign video.

Founded2019on 23rd april
Customer4000+all over the world
Subtitles Designed50K+in 100+ languages
Employees20+all are remote workersall are remote

Our platform allows people and businesses to add subtitles to videos

Our mission is to take the good content all over the world regardless of the language and automatically add subtitles to it. Because videos have become an important learning and sharing resource nowadays.

We provide value by giving the best service and customer support to our clients. Do you have questions regarding the product? You can contact us here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Work Remotely

We work remotely to develop SubtitleBee

In our opinion, talented people shouldn’t be bound at one place. Everybody should be able to work freely regardless of their geolocation. We work with talented people from all around the world to develop the best available video subtitling platform.

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We are always looking for great people from all over the world who love to work remotely.
Video Call
  • Hiring ListRemote senior/junior ruby software engineer
  • Hiring ListRemote senior/junior node software engineer
  • Hiring ListRemote marketing expert
  • Hiring ListRemote senior cloud administrator
  • Hiring ListRemote technical support
  • Hiring ListRemote sales representative USA
  • Hiring ListRemote sales representative Asia

    If you are interested in any position please send us your CV or resume at: jobs [at] subtitlebee [dot] com

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What our users think of SubtitleBee

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Jimmy H. auto subtitles testimonial
Jimmy H.Udemy Instructor

Easy to useLove this product. It is very easy to use, quick and very helpful for those who wish to watch videos at a low volume at night!

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Mark Lopez auto subtitles testimonial
Mark LopezSales Executive

Perfect TranscriptionReally good transcription. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and does the job really well for us.

Aldemir Anuddin auto subtitles testimonial
Aldemir AnuddinUAB Professor

Accurate voice recognitionAbsolutely love using SubtitleBee for captioning video content – the user experience is so easy to use and is extremely accurate in voice recognition. It saves me so much time and hassle!

Gaelt auto subtitles testimonial
Gaelt GantMarketer Lead

Subtitle translations in 100+ languagesI've been using Subtitle for a while now and this tool is so easy to use. Really happy that it now offers translations as well!

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