In a more digital world than ever, videos are crucial to growing your business or audience; but how do you increase your video growth? Simple, by adding subtitles. A subtitles service can have more positive results on your videos than you can imagine.

Having subtitles in your videos is an overlooked factor when it comes to video quality; this is why signing up for a subtitles service can easily elevate your videos and reach the next level in your business. With a subtitles service, your videos will definitely be more convenient for viewers, it will increase watch time and retention rate on large platforms such as YouTube, and the quality of your videos will also improve significantly. So why not sign up for a subtitles service? There are many reasons and benefits to adding subtitles in your videos, and these tricks and tips will increase your chances of making more quality videos for your audience.

1. Enhancing Comprehension

Reasons to add subtitles to videos

Adding subtitles to your video can help viewers better comprehend the content of your video. Whether it’s a child, teenager, or adult, subtitles have been proven to benefit everyone. In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine states that over 100 empirical studies have shown the benefits of having subtitles on videos. With subtitles, comprehension, as well as the memory of the viewers, can be improved. Additionally, it is also helpful for people hard of hearing, which will be covered in more depth in the article. Specifically, this helps people understand what you’re trying to communicate to them in the video. In another study, having subtitles actually helped certain students retain more of the information they learned in class compared to the students that had to learn information without subtitles.

So, in a more practical context, what does this mean for a small business owner or content creator that makes videos? This means that potential customers, followers, and buyers are all scientifically proven to retain more information with subtitles, which can have a positive effect on your growth as a business, creator, or any other profession online. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to add subtitles to videos.

Not only do viewers retain more information by watching videos with subtitles as opposed to without, but it also provides clarity for the viewer. With subtitles, viewers can also read what you are saying, so it’s more clear that they know what you are talking about. This can help in a variety of scenarios, such as if a viewer doesn’t know what a word in the video means, or if the audio of the video isn’t the greatest.

Adding subtitles to a video can increase the chances that the viewer will understand what the video is saying, and that is essential to achieving the goal that the video is supposed to have; whether that’s advertising a product or service, building brand awareness, or even trying to go viral. After hearing the benefits of adding subtitles, most still don’t want to due to them thinking it will take a long time and be a lot of effort. However, this is not the case! With an online subtitle generator, this job can easily be taken care of. In fact, our subtitle-generating service even offers a free trial for a 10-minute video.

2. Increasing Engagement

Audience looking at video having subtitles

For many types of people and businesses, videos can help increase engagement with the viewer and the creator. But why is this so important? In a changing world that is sprinting towards higher importance when it comes to digital presence, gaining more attention by having amazing videos can help drive conversion to increase from viewers to website traffic as well as turning more website goers into customers. The quality of the videos and content put out is often overlooked, but in reality, it’s very essential in order to have higher engagement with your viewers online.

Among the factors that ultimately result in an amazing video for you to get closer to your audience and/or customers, the subtitle is one of the most important. Just by having subtitles alone and not worrying about the other factors that make a video great to watch, the quality of your video can increase significantly, having more viewers hooked on to your video. A subtitles service can aid in helping increase watch-time and duration, as well as increases the chances of retaining and growing your audience or client base. By viewers being able to not just hear, but see the words and sentences that are being said in the video, memory and attentiveness directly increased, as proven by studies from the University of Iowa.

We specifically go more in-depth about how adding subtitles can directly have an effect on increasing engagement to an audience in one of our previous blogs, which you can check out here. One famous statistic is that an overwhelming 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute. Another statistic that shows the bad side of not having subtitles is that only 66% of videos without subtitles are completely watched from start to end, versus videos with subtitles that had a 91% completion rate. There are countless statistics and reports that are in favor of adding subtitles to videos, so what happens if you want to add subtitles, but just don’t know how? The best solution is to sign up for a subtitles service, offered by us, SubtitleBee! Take the first step towards increasing your video engagement, and chances are, the analytics will show that your viewers are more engaged, more likely to purchase a product, or more likely to subscribe and show support to you through just a simple fix: adding subtitles. With an online subtitle generator, it is not only more helpful to your videos, but it’s also easy and quick!

3. Higher Accessibility

Communicating with video subtitles

By signing up for a subtitles service, your videos will also have higher accessibility to more people across the globe. Similar to the other reasons why to add subtitles to videos, this is often an overlooked and underrated reason that can help you get an edge over your competitors and increase views on your videos.

According to the John Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, over 38 million Americans over age twelve have some degree of hearing problems. That’s approximately 14.3% of the entire American population! Having subtitles is not just an extra feature, but it’s also necessary for millions of people not only in America but across the globe who also want to tune into your videos. Not being able to have your videos be accessible to them is a huge loss that can easily be prevented by registering for a subtitles service.

However, it’s not only people hard of hearing that enjoy using subtitles to watch videos. In one specific study, out of the 7.5 million people in the United Kingdom who enjoy using subtitles, only a fraction of them (1.5 million) were hard of hearing. In other words, four out of the five people in the U.K. who do use subtitles aren’t doing it out of necessity. So why is that? Subtitles are extremely useful for not just people with hearing difficulties.

In public situations, having subtitles can be critical to understanding videos if they do not want to disrupt others by playing it out loud. Additionally, people find that videos without subtitles aren’t as easy to follow when they are not paying full attention as opposed to a video with subtitles. This makes videos with subtitles all the more appealing to watch completely. Another overlooked quality that subtitles offer is that they are more accessible to non-native English speakers. Despite English being the 2nd most popular language in the world (only behind Mandarin Chinese), many non-native English speakers are watching videos on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube. Approximately 60% of viewers on YouTube are non-native speakers. Although many think of YouTube to be a primarily English-speaking platform, this clearly is not the case. If your videos don’t have subtitles, you will be missing out on a huge demographic of viewers on YouTube, which is not good for you or your business.

Most video creators and publishers don’t even bother adding subtitles to their videos, especially in multiple languages. This causes higher inaccessibility to people across the world, which harms online reputation as well as shrinks its reach and potential. However, there is no reason to worry, as we at SubtitleBee offer subtitles in over 100 languages. With our online subtitles generator, we can easily be able to help in making sure that the subtitles of your videos are creative and accurate. To many people, the addition of subtitles seems to be an extra feature that isn’t worth the time, effort, or money. However, for the people who need subtitles as a necessity in order to truly understand your videos, whether it’s a person hard of hearing or a person who does not speak the language of the video, this only makes it more difficult for them to be able to connect with your video. Appending subtitles to any video brings accessibility to a lot more people, which can easily increase your online presence and reputation across multiple social media platforms.

4. Helps S.E.O.

Creating video subtitles

The last, but not the least, reason to add subtitles to your videos is to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) across all platforms, especially YouTube. Although improving normal SEO as opposed to video SEO is quite similar, it’s extremely important to have subtitles for a video to boost your chances of being found on the internet because subtitles are one of the only forms of actual copy in your video. This allows for Google to be able to detect what your video is about, and this will help boost your rankings because other videos that don’t have subtitles won’t be detected by Google.

This means that more attention will come to your video, and not only will your SEO improve, but since subtitles also increase accessibility to more people, you will be able to expand your reach and message, which is one of the best things to happen with the creation of a video.

Not only do your videos get more attention due to your video SEO performing well, but this can also result in more revenue generated by views, especially on a site like YouTube. Having more views and shares will ultimately drive your monthly revenue from YouTube to increase as opposed to not including the subtitles, which makes your video harder to find on both Google and YouTube’s search engine. However, you may be thinking that online platforms, such as YouTube, already have auto-fill captions/subtitles, so there isn’t any need to have your own professional subtitles. This could not be further from the truth.

Automated subtitles made on YouTube don’t serve a purpose towards boosting your SEO because every video, or at least an overwhelming majority, all have automated subtitles. This does nothing to help you stand out against everyone else. By creating your own professional subtitles by signing up for an amazing subtitles service, you can easily elevate your video SEO to expand your reach to more people across the world, as well as grow your influence and sales through higher revenue. If you are interested in such a service, just contact us, and we can assist you in adding subtitles to your videos!


Importance of video subtitles

Subtitles can have many benefits from almost all angles; whether it’s to increase the comprehension of the video, engagement, making your video content more accessible across the globe, or driving more sales and increasing SEO. All of these great benefits can be seen just by something as simple, easy, and affordable as adding subtitles to your videos. So what’s holding you back? Contact us or sign up for a free trial to see the true results behind our amazing subtitles service.