Achieving high-quality videos with a captivating script and visuals can be hard enough, but getting the words out of your video is another story. Outsourcing companies to transcribe video to text can be time-consuming and expensive as they charge by the minute. Many people tend to treat it as an arduous task that yields inaccurate transcripts.

We all know that using texts in our videos helps us rank better and increase engagement, however, we don’t always have enough time left over after filming each part to transcribe video to text. In addition, many people find this daunting chore something they don’t want to do because of how long-winded and difficult it can be.

Why transcribe video to text

Transcribing videos to text offers several advantages over just having the video. Transcribing a video allows you to get more search engine and social media exposure for your content.

Creating high-quality, relevant subtitles can be a powerful way of improving SEO rankings and increasing engagement. Whether you’re uploading your videos to YouTube or Facebook, adding text is an effective strategy for getting more views.

The reasons that we want to transcribe video to text are simple:

Reason 1 - Increased Google ranking

Google has officially stated that they use transcripts as a ranking factor. As Google uses the transcript on your website as part of its search result, it makes sense to ensure that the transcript contains keywords relevant to your business’s online presence and offers viewers an increased chance of clicking through.

Reason 2 - Increase engagement on social media

Although Facebook and Instagram are both dominantly visual platforms, they offer many similarities in terms of the types of content you can post.

On both sites, you can like another person’s posts, comment on them, share or follow someone if desired to get updates from their account.

Share subtitled videos on social media

One way to stand out is by sharing subtitled videos on your social media. Subtitles are a powerful tool that can help reach people who have hearing disabilities, foreigners with limited English proficiency, or someone that turns off sound in public places but might want access through other means such as audio to text converter for creating subtitles.

This would allow anyone a quick and easy way of sharing your subtitled videos with friends or followers rather than having to create subtitles from scratch manually.

Reason 3 - The viewer experience

If you’ve ever watched a video without subtitles, you’ll know how frustrating an experience it can be. Subtitled videos offer viewers additional information about what is being said.

This helps them build a better understanding of your content. Watching subtitled videos also helps people who can’t hear very well enjoy the video’s content and provide a more immersive viewing experience.

What video content is best for subtitles?

Any videos that require a quick and easy way to transform into text can be suitable candidates for using an online subtitles generator like SubtitleBee.

Videos that work well with subtitles include business presentations to promote your company’s products or services; interviews with relevant experts which you want to share across multiple platforms; news reports that inform viewers of current events; educational videos for students who want a way to access content in an alternative format, etc.

To be exact, it doesn’t matter what type of video content you have, whether it’s a product launch or an educational tutorial. An online subtitles generator like SubtitleBee can be an effective way to increase your online presence as well as improve accessibility for all viewers, since it doubles back as a subtitle translation tool for 100+ languages.

An audio to text converter like SubtitleBee is an effective strategy for any business looking to increase engagement and exposure while improving their SEO.

Tips for getting the most out of your subtitles

Video length

The length of your video really matters when selecting the right subtitle format. Your choice should depend on both how short or long it is and what you want to say in subtitles without taking up too much time or space (2:00 minutes would be a good max).

Short videos work better with shorter subtitles while longer ones look great with longer, so consider creating two versions - one for each situation where you can include everything that needs to be said but doing it without being wordy.

It’s worth mentioning that the transcript is very important for viewers to understand what’s being said and it should be easy for them to follow along at their own pace.

Choose the right language

A powerful online subtitles generator like SubtitleBee can help you reach an even larger audience by allowing video content to be viewed in multiple languages.

In addition, this will allow viewers from all around the world to follow your videos without needing separate translation services and it’s also a great way for creators who speak more than one language or no English at all have their work seen on YouTube or social media by a larger audience.

In order to get the most traffic from your subtitled videos, choose the right language depending on where your target market lies. For example, if you want Spanish speakers to watch your video but don’t speak Spanish yourself, then use a subtitle translation tool to access that audience.
Translated videos are great for reaching a wider audience around the world!


Be sure to edit your subtitles to ensure they accurately represent the content, style and tone of your original video. Editing will also allow you to expand upon a short transcript by including extra information that may have been ignored during the conversion process.

Editing your online subtitles will also help improve readability and make the transcript look more professional. Read more about how to edit each subtitle here!

Online subtitles generator usually have an editing dashboard available. Using that dashboard, you can also check and fix any typos, grammar errors, or vocabulary issues before publishing your content online.

How to transcribe a video to text using SubtitleBee as the perfect audio to text converter

SubtitleBee offers a cost-effective solution for companies that wish to transcribe video to text while ensuring top-quality transcripts can be created quickly and easily as part of a wider SEO strategy.
The company uses an automated speech recognition program that breaks down all aspects of spoken language including intonation, stress, and context through algorithms, acting as the perfect audio-to-text converter.

Using an online subtitles generator and a subtitle translation tool like SubtitleBee gives you access to subtitles in up to 100+ different languages and an editing dashboard that allows you to make changes or correct any potential mistakes the software may have made.

Plus you can edit and stylise your subtitles and fonts to make them look more appealing to the viewers. To make it even easier for companies, SubtitleBee allows users all over the world to translate their chosen language into multiple ones in just a few clicks.

Translating your video to text is easy and fast with their subtitle translation tool. You simply upload the video, select the language of choice and within minutes you can choose between subtitles in French, Spanish, or any other language you want.

To make sure you get the best subtitles for your videos, SubtitleBee offers two different services apart from a 10-minute free trial: Starter and Premium.

Depending on which type of service package you require will determine what you need in terms of video duration and max upload size.

What are some other ways you can get more from your videos by adding captions and transcripts?

Using an online subtitles generator can be a substantial investment for any business looking to improve its online presence, gain more exposure, and increase engagement with all target audiences. An audio-to-text converter can get the most out of your content by adding captions and subtitles.

Subtitling is not only for hearing-impaired people, it’s also for search engines as they can’t read video very well. Subtitled videos rank higher in google. If you want your videos to rank your high on google video rankings, you MUST have subtitles.

If you don’t have them and your competitors do, guess who’s going to get the views? Boom!
Transcription increases website traffic (higher conversion rate) and translating your videos into other languages will encourage viewers from different cultures to engage with your content. An online subtitles generator is a beneficial tool for business owners who use subtitled videos as part of their marketing strategy.

SubtitleBee is also an ideal subtitle translation tool for anyone looking to expand their reach and target a wider audience while improving SEO by making it easier for viewers to find the content they need.
You can get more value from your video without sacrificing quality or risking time and money on external translation services.

Translating subtitles is an affordable solution that allows you to access local and international markets more effectively and efficiently in order to generate leads and additional revenue streams.

Translated videos are useful in marketing campaigns that require reaching viewers first in one language and then later in another, such as English to Spanish subtitles. They are also very helpful for online businesses looking to expand their customer ’ base or gain new ones in other countries.

If you’re currently lacking exposure on social media platforms or want to affect the number of views you receive per day, then translating your YouTube videos into multiple languages can be a brilliant solution for getting more traffic in front of your target audience.

Share subtitled videos on Youtube to increase engagement and number of viewers

Simply adding translated versions of the same video to 10 different languages can double the number of viewers you receive in the space of a few hours. Translating one video into ten different languages might seem like a lot of work, but it is actually quite simple to do with SubtitleBee’s online subtitles generator!

SubtitleBee provides businesses and organisations a way to boost online exposure as well as improve accessibility through translated videos on social media and websites.

You can learn more about how translated videos can help your business grow online here.

Benefits of using a transcription service like SubtitleBee vs doing it yourself or outsourcing to someone else (e.g., freelancers)

Transcribing videos from scratch takes hours, so it’s easy to give up on your own and decide to hire someone else. It can be difficult to transcribe video to text on your own and it may seem easy enough to hire someone else at initially.

However, when being finicky about accuracy after investing so much time in recording a video, paying an expensive service doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore especially since they don’t guarantee anything either way really.

Frustration over creating subtitled videos yourself

Also, creating subtitled videos from scratch on your own or with the help of freelancers can be time-consuming and requires many revisions to keep it accurate.

Adding translations in other languages only makes this process longer, so there’s a risk of not having enough time/money when you outsource to someone else (e.g., freelance translators).

Many times, freelance translators charge 3x+ more for transcription rates than what online subtitles generator like SubtitleBee charges its users. Some agencies can charge over $60 per minute! It’s easy to see why transcription services are expensive.

Translators need time and training to become good at translating subtitles, which makes their prices higher than others. The major benefit of using SubtitleBee vs doing it yourself or hiring freelancers is that adding subtitles takes minutes and they hold your hand through the entire process, including spellcheck and QA (quality assurance). You’re also able to reach out to their support team if you have questions help to get started!

Their online subtitle translation tool is very user-friendly unlike many other translators where you need to copy/paste from YouTube into one text box then click export into another text box which usually has a confusing interface.

Online subtitles generators make it very simple and affordable to get subtitles for YouTube videos without breaking your budget or making it complicated, which is why it is such a popular online tool for many people.