Within the modern age of digital technology, being able to grow on online platforms can be monumental in business success. But what’s the best and fastest way to grow online? By harnessing the power of video editing and using an online subtitles generator, one can gain the edge over others in a highly competitive race for the attention of internet users in 2021.

Growing a business or content online isn’t easy; that’s why skills such as video editing and using an online subtitles generator can elevate your reach to the next level. With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting the world, many businesses and creators are now realizing the importance of an online presence, and a lot of them are misguided by what they think is the right strategy when in reality, some could not be further from the truth. With tools and skills, such as being able to video edit as well as use an online subtitles generator to add subtitles to your videos, these two in combination can make your videos more appealing for viewers to click on and watch. With that being said, here are four tips, involving both video editing and adding subtitles, that can help grow your online business reach to the next level.

1. Understanding & Using the Right Software

When it comes to understanding and learning the right software to use for video editing, many small business owners as well as a lot of people in general already get lost. With the confusing commands, multiple types of software, and amount of time and effort it can take to learn how to properly edit videos, it isn’t any surprise that people can get discouraged from learning how to edit videos.
However, the growth of videos on the internet, especially ones with the use of subtitles, is now impossible to ignore. In fact, according to Forbes in 2018, the average viewers retain roughly 95% of a message in a video versus around 10% in just text. Additionally. Over 500 million hours of YouTube are watched each day, and it’s only increasing. So what does this mean for anyone trying to grow online through videos? With so many people creating videos now that everyone has realized the insane and significant growth of videos online, this means that the quality of the video matters greatly. In order to increase the quality of your videos, having not only video subtitles but understanding the right software to learn can be an incredible asset to edge out the competition.

So, what kinds of video editing software are out there, and how do you know which one is right for you? There are three main software to note (although there are also more third-party options), which include Premiere Pro by Adobe, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Final Cut Pro X by Apple. Let’s briefly run down each video editing software. The first and most likely the best all-around software is Premiere Pro by Adobe. Many of the professionals in various industries will often use Premiere Pro for their video-editing. With a wide range of abilities and capabilities, this has a great value for roughly 32 dollars a month. Second, is the CyberLink PowerDirector. Granted, this is a lesser-known video editing software, it’s still a very powerful and reliable option. One of its strengths is that it has a relatively easy user interface, and the functionality of the software is easy to learn. Lastly, the final video editing software worth mentioning is Final Cut Pro X, by Apple. This is the best option for Apple MacBook users and is just a great option in general. Unlike software such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X has a one-time upfront cost, so it may be a better investment if you see yourself video editing a lot in the long run.

2. Learning the Basics of Video Editing

Video editing basics

Another crucial piece of advice is to understand the basics of video editing, as well as the commands and basic capabilities/shortcuts to not only speed up the process of editing videos but also to ensure that the video itself is of high quality. As we covered the importance and urgency of having an amazing video to stand out from the crowd online, this means that the video has to be amazing; not only the content but also the editing. So, what are some key tips and basics of video editing that every beginner should know?

The first tip is to make sure you plan for your video accordingly. Many new video creators and editors make the mistake of not shooting enough or having enough content to work with, so when they are in the post-production/editing stage of their videos, they end up having to have choppy transitions and clips due to not having enough content. Don’t make this mistake! Make sure you have enough to work with.

Next, the second tip is to be organized. Although this may not seem like a video editing tip you would typically expect, this should not be overlooked. Having organized files as well as organizing your sound/audio quality, different types of shots, and knowing the order of scenes/segments in your video will save you loads of time that can help you elevate your online presence. For more details on staying organized in your video editing, check out this additional resource with more specific tricks.

Lastly, watch tutorials and start trying and experimenting with video styles immediately! A lot of people, in an effort to try and learn the video editing software and/or video subtitles, try to watch very long videos on YouTube, or they purchase a course that doesn’t provide much help. Start by learning what you really need to learn in order to start and experiment as soon as you can; so this would include the functions of the program, keyboard shortcuts, and more. By just starting to create videos (even if they aren’t amazing in the beginning), it will accelerate the process of how fast you can edit videos.

Even with speedy editing skills, adding video subtitles can be a whole different story. Having an online subtitles generator can work wonders and save you loads of time, and SubtitleBee is just the right service to attend to those needs! Contact us with any questions.

3. Using the Right Font

Using Right Font

One of the most crucial things to remember when creating video subtitles is to use a good font that strikes a perfect balance between readability and style. It is also notable that your font should not get in the way. Getting this perfect balance is key to having good audience retention while keeping it simple for them to read and absorb the content. What this means is your subtitles should have a balance between their size and how readable they are, which can be done through the type of font you choose.

In a study done by the Poynter Institute, it was found that viewers tend to skim over the text when it is larger, while read more carefully when it is smaller. When considering what font size you want to use for your video subtitles, it is essential to consider how it might hinder or enhance the viewing experience. It is important to keep it large enough to be read, while also small enough so that it does not take away from the video. A good way to check this is by reading over your subtitles once they have been added. If you get distracted by them, or they are hard to read, that may be a good indicator that you should change their size.

Another significant aspect to consider is the font that you will use for your subtitles. Although this is less obvious than font size, it is still an important factor to consider. The font you use will largely depend on what the purpose of your video is, as if it is more formal, you may use something standard such as Times New Roman, whereas if it is for media consumption, you may use something else. Unless you use something unreadable, the type of font you use will not be the “make or break” of your article, however, it can definitely provide your viewer with a better experience. With SubtitleBee, we can help guide and choose the right kinds of fonts and font sizes that would best suit your type of video; with videos, even little differences can create big results!

4. Make your Subtitles Accessible for Everyone

Subtitlebee accessible

Finally, one of the best ways to help your video spread in popularity, along with enhancing the experience for your viewers is by making it accessible for everyone. This includes a variety of methods, such as using different languages or their placement. Many of your viewers may not speak the language your video is in, but by including subtitles of various languages, you allow them to read and understand the ideas.

Having your video subtitles in multiple languages is very important and beneficial for its growth. By having translated subtitles, you allow your video and content to reach way more people than it would if you had just left it alone. According to Adweek, around 60% of the views on Youtube, the biggest video-sharing website on the internet, come from non-English speakers. 60% is a huge amount, especially since the platform has billions if not trillions of views on it. This example shows just how much of an audience don’t speak just one language, and by incorporating subtitles in multiple languages, you would be able to reach this untapped market.

Along with subtitles in multiple languages, the positioning of your subtitles is also very important for the viewer’s enjoyment. In most instances, having your subtitles at the bottom of the screen will be your best bet, however, there are some cases where your video may have content that reaches the bottom of the screen. In these cases, it’s best to consider your options of where to put it. You will then want to put it at the top of the screen as this allows it to be in the center and easy to read while keeping the whole video enjoyable. The best way to determine whether you should move the subtitle’s position or not is by watching over the video with subtitles yourself. If the subtitles get in the way of the video, then it is definitely worth considering moving them to another location.

So, now you might be wondering, is there an easy way I can add video subtitles?

The answer is yes, one of the easiest and best ways to do that is by using SubtitleBee. It automatically adds subtitles to your video, offering the best font customization in order to enhance the viewing experience. SubtitleBee uses an A.I., which automatically integrates subtitles into your videos so they can be shared. SubtitleBee is the best online subtitle generator, requiring no prior experience or other software to add your subtitles. SubtitleBee allows you to integrate numerous different languages into your subtitles, incorporate stunning subtitles and supertitles, and even crop the video to fit your needs.

SubtitleBee has over 120 languages that can be automatically added to your video. By just selecting the language you desire, SubtitleBee then automatically adds them in with around 95% accuracy. Along with that, there is also the ability to create supertitles that will catch your audience’s attention. SubtitleBee allows you to customize these supertitles with options such as changing the colors or its position. Finally, there is also the ability to easily crop your videos for your every need. Need a video cropped for Instagram? SubtitleBee allows you to crop it however you want it, keeping the subtitles within the video.

Additionally, there are 3 different packages, the free trial, starter package, and premium package. Each one comes with its respective features and price ranges, with the premium being the absolute best. Every package allows you to insert subtitles into your video, with the number of videos per month, length of the video, amount of supertitles, and variety of fonts and colors increasing as you go up. With SubtitleBee, you can easily create your perfect video to share on social media, or for your own use.