Everything, including social and professional lives, is taken to the online world, and excluding differently-able people with specific disabilities or limitations sounds like a crime.

The entertainment world includes cinematic movies and television-based drama series that have been using subtitles and captions to maximise their audience’s entertainment experience. Therefore, the social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are following suit.

It’s not a surprise that TikTok has introduced auto-captions on TikTok videos intending to make its popular video-sharing app more accessible for people who face different disabilities in their lives. There are two ways on how you can add captions on TikTok videos. You can auto-generate subtitles for videos that allow your viewers to read what has been said in the video. The other way is to get auto subtitle generation tools to create captions and subtitles with 120 different languages, 99% accuracy, endless video editing, and customization features.

There are likely more chances of increased outreach and accessibility if you add captions on TikTok videos as 80% of viewers said they watch entire video with captions.

TikTok content creators can enable or disable auto caption on TikTok videos with a single tap and edit the caption’s text if needed. Moreover, TikTok viewers can hide or display auto-captions on videos. Adding subtitles on TikTok videos can reduce your efforts to enhance your videos’ outreach.

Adding captions on TikTok videos can increase accessibility

How to add auto caption on TikTok videos

If you are a TikTok content creator and want to add auto-captions on TikTok videos, here is a straightforward way to do so.

  1. After you are done with making your video or uploading it, tap to enable video editing mode.
  2. Once you have turned on the video editing mode, tap on the Captions options on the right side of the screen to enable captions.
  3. TikTok has recently added add caption feature for spoken words in the video for a display at the bottom of the screen in a smaller version for a review process. TikTok does not offer an auto-correction feature, so you have to correct all the words manually and then tap Save.
  4. Once you have saved the captions after ensuring they are accurate and ready to go, you can go to the next page by tapping the Post to publish.

It is essential to know that adding auto-captions to your TikTok videos can take a few moments, depending on the length of your video. Moreover, only the spoken words will be captioned, and it will not translate the music.

If you want to add more words and captions to your videos, you must do it manually.

How can you add captions on TikTok videos?

Once you have successfully followed adding auto captions in the 3 steps mentioned above, you can follow the following steps to edit your captions.

  1. You can find the Edit button on the caption display page. Tap the Edit button, which looks like a small line with a penciling hovering over it at the right side of the caption header. Else you can tap on an individual line of captions. Once you have tapped over the pencil icon or individual line of the tap to Edit caption, it will lead you to the caption editing page.

  2. Now, you can fix any grammatical mistake, misspellings, or wrong words. You can add separate lines for gestures, unspoken words, and music manually. Once you are done with your manual corrections, tap Save.

  3. Once you are satisfied and happy with your captions, proceed to tap the Post button to publish the video.

How to turn off auto caption on TikTok videos for viewers?

Without any doubt, the captions and subtitles help people in their daily lives differently. However, TikTok offers turn-off auto-captions on the TikTok videos feature; if you prefer watching content without captions, you can disable them.

Follow the following steps to disable auto caption on TikTok videos.

  1. When watching a TikTok video, tap on one of the captions as it pops up on the screen.
  2. A small bubble will appear above or below the caption. Click on it.
    The auto caption will disappear behind a small text Box. Similarly, you can tap on the auto caption and then tap on hide captions, whatever you prefer. You can’t reenable auto-captions while tapping on a small textbook video indicating captions are available.

Add captions on TikTok videos to benefit an extensive range of audiences

TikTok has 1.1 billion active users worldwide, and it’s growing faster than ever before. The 15 seconds to 3-minute videos are helping individuals and businesses engage in a most fun way of spreading information.

Most content creators and business product marketers prefer to promote their products on TikTok by making shorter videos, recorded or live streaming. Undoubtedly, TikTok hosts a more excellent avenue of opportunities for businesses to generate increased revenue and get higher conversion by making efforts on TikTok.

Businesses go for TikTok because it offers many online video-making, promotion, and marketing through short video ads, branded hashtags, video filters, and effects. To add more value to TikTok content, brand managers and content creators can improve their content’s reachability and accessibility by offering close captions and subtitles on TikTok videos.

Add captions on TikTok videos to beat out the lack of accessibility feature of TikTok app

More improved reachability and social media engagements

Video content will continue to thrive in the digital world like never before. This is why businesses and brand ambassadors are putting a significant emphasis on creating valuable video content to meet the demands and expectations of their users. The longer you continue to put off video content to promote your product, the more difficult it would turn to compete with the ever-changing, ever-challenging world. This is also one of the reasons video content plays as essential role as digital transformation to grow your business and survive in post-pandemic uncertain years.

Therefore, businesses should start shooting as much valuable video content as possible. With ever-evolving technology, video content making has become seamless job than ever.

Video content has more engagement than any other format on every social media platform. TikTok offers a more significant engagement level than any other leading social media platform. To get more fruitful results on your quality-oriented content, add captions on TikTok videos to offer your audience a greater viewing experience, listening, and reading experience.

Moreover, add captions on TikTok videos to increase reachability and improve search engine optimization endeavors on your content. Captions also increase comprehension while ensuring that your audience is engaged and enjoys your content.

Use auto-caption generating tool

AI-powered caption generating tools are the fastest, most efficient, accuracy-prone and money-and-time saver tools for video content creators. With caption generating tools, adding subtitles and captions has become so fun and seamless task that even sending out videos for publishing in an hour is possible every day. Not just that, use these tools to repurpose TikTok video content for Podcast, blogs, social media posts, infographics, newsletters and much more.

For TikTok, you can send as many videos in a day as you want to promote your products or content. With technology backing up everything, caption generating tools come on a monthly subscription basis, which seems not so costly.

You can choose your plan according to your business needs. With advanced technology continuously pumping up their efficiency and functionality, these tools never stop to amaze us as they perform multitasking with a single click. For instance, auto caption generating tools do not charge per word, per minute, or hourly rates, which seems costly, like breaking your bank.

You can decide on caption-generating tools for a spin and try out their trial to test their features and functions before buying any subscription plan. You can check their customization features to know how freely and flexibly you can customize your video. You can check the editing functions to edit your video seamlessly.

To add subtitles and captions, you can try SubtitleBee. As it allows free captions and subtitles for videos of 1 GB up to 10 minutes with five free fonts and subtitles’ conversion in any language. It offers captions and subtitles in 120 different languages, including multi-translation features to improve video accessibility outreach and 99% of language accuracy.

Since there is a significant amount of emphasis on the accuracy and quality of the content you send out to the digital world, accuracy is non-negligible.

How can you check accuracy with SubtitleBee tool?

  1. Go to SubtitleBee’s website and tap on the browse or upload audio or video button.
  2. SubtitleBee will process your file, and it will take just a few moments.
  3. Once it completes the processing, it will ask for your email and send the captioned-generated file over or to you via email.

Now you can open the video and check its accuracy level, and surely it won’t disappoint you.

It is the most intelligent subtitle generating tool that picks the words even with a little noisy background. Check out their price plan, and they are significantly cheaper and have multiple unique features.

Accessibility feature on TikTok

Although TikTok is gaining fame day-by-day, accessibility on TikTok, it’s still a significant matter of concern. TikTok is working to reduce roadblocks for people with disabilities. Still, it has a long way to go to work on navigation, information hierarchy, layout, and overall design to increase accessibility and improve user experience.

Moreover, the unfamiliar patterns and pathways within the TikTok app are also a significant barrier for many users. To overcome the accessibility barriers, it is recommended that content creators and product promoters to add captions on TikTok videos to make users’ watching experience memorable.

Use the accessible format and design fonts

One of the easiest ways to work is by adding beautiful design, formation, fonts, endless customizations, and extensively edited videos; you can enhance your users’ watching experience. When adding captions on TikTok videos, it is necessary to use appropriate colors, contrasts, font sizes, font styles, and text placement if you are using different languages altogether. Never use text colors that have low vision or color deficiencies.

You should use efficient contrast, such as using a light-colored font with a black background is typically the most available option. However, you can use deeper colors such as blue and green to be incorporated with lighter stages.

As for the font sizes and styles, you should pay close attention to the sizing of text and style. The font size should not be too small for people with low vision. It would be very difficult for them to read out the text. Use the fonts that increase the readability, such as Sans-serif font and classic or traditional fonts.

Moreover, when you are ready to place your text on the video, make sure the correct position on the screen. It’s not compulsory to add captions at the bottom of the screen; you can use them anywhere to increase readability and watching experience. You can use different catchy colors to overlap the text.

Add captions on TikTok videos to generate more ideas to engage wider audience

Include audio description

TikTok is a 100% visual app. It can be a more significant challenge for people who are blind or have low vision, are color blind, or have many challenges seeing the content. Make sure you use audio at the right frequency, cohesion, and clarity. If you are not comfortable adding your voice, you can take the help of auto voice generating tools to add the most human-like ways to your videos in a few minutes.

Add captions on TikTok videos for more coherent content

When it comes to accessibility adding the most human-like, catching, and beautiful voice can increase its chances for more outreach and promotion of valuable content. After video content, audio content is the next big hit. Later you can use this voice to repurpose your content for different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Podcast channels.

Therefore, making your TikTok videos more soulful, coherent, and transparent can increase your chances of enhanced outreach, engagement, conversion, and brand building.

Its a wrap up

Add captions on TikTok videos is something you cannot avoid any longer. If you are serious about brand building, product promotion, and sending out valuable content to your viewers and buyers, you should start using AI-based caption generating tools.

Using auto-captions on TikTok is good but it’s not the ultimate answer when it comes to promoting the valuable message of your brand. Therefore, the experts recommend AI-based caption generating tools to businesses and content creators to get multi-dimensional benefits at cheaper prices. Video making on TikTok has become a few clicks phenomena with more accuracy, customization, creativity, and accessibility features. But with subtitle generating tools it has become a more hassle free job than ever before.