If you are a business product strategist or are a content creator, you might continue to keep looking for versatility and quality of content to target a large audience.

With the growing fame of audiovisual content, you might have realized that only text-based blogging will not get you a large amount of audience and conversion rates.

Video content continues to ring its true value for business marketers. The figures of consumers consuming information through videos every day are increasing day by day. 56% of the audience watch videos on social media to consume information on a monthly basis. Not all of the audience is watching memes and funny skits. Studies show that 4 out of 10 people follow brands to consume information on upcoming trends and find the solutions to the existing problems.

As 70% of e-commerce brands are increasing their video content marketing budget to get a higher return on investment. Therefore the people who are not into video marketing are looking forward to generating as much video content as possible. And the people who are already into shooting videos are thinking of increasing their budget for video marketing.

The business strategist and content creators are looking forward to video editing tips and hacks in 2022 that could save them efforts, time, and money and help them to target their goals. There are savvy video editing tools that could help you shoot videos, and sending videos on a daily basis to your social media handles is possible with the help of video editing tools.

How to edit videos like a pro?
There is a lot that goes into the video editing tips. The blog section will walk you through an in-depth process of video making and editing for your business.

Video editing tips include a savvy video script

Video editing tips—No#1. Script your video.

As there is a trend of making 15 to 30 seconds videos. Therefore, script making is one of the foremost steps among several other video editing tips. If you skip this step of creating a script for your video, you will find yourself in an endless process of editing more than you need, and releasing a video will take a long time—it will probably lose the interest of your audience along the way.

Most business strategists and content creators use Google docs for script writing to promote collaboration and transparency. You can begin by making an outline, enlisting down your key points, and ordering them logically. Script writing will remind you to add the points that can engage your audience within the first 3 seconds.

You can organize your script more seamlessly. It should be categorized in a way that your team members do not have to take a lot of time to understand the purpose of your video. The video’s purpose and the goal should be simple, clear, and up to mark. It will help you bind your audience till the end.

Make sure you include a message in the beginning that states the goal and purpose of your video, especially when you are making educational or explainer videos. As you start making the script for your video, you might notice that language plays a vital role.

The language should be clear, relaxed, coherent, and conversational. There is no point in using complex sentence structures and eloquent clauses; instead, try connecting with your audience with more simplified and intriguing language.

Use famous buzzwords and concise sentences, and avoid using jargon. Keep your video script shorter; for instance, at 350 words’ the script takes up nearly 2 minutes, and if you are planning to make videos of 15 to 30 seconds, you can keep your script even shorter.

Ensure you are making 30 seconds video, and cover all the points, goals, and targets you want to achieve with the video. Keep your script timer handy to check the length.

Pro video editing tips to go: words on paper sound different when they are read out loud. Read out loud your script to know how they sound.

Make sure your script covers all the points and uses different speaking styles and tones for the different points. Otherwise, using the same language style for your entire video would sound like rhetoric or static.

The basic equipment of how to edit videos like a pro?

It is not necessary that you need a proper studio to record your videos. You might need a camera, tripod, lights, microphones, and more.

But to begin with, you may not need all of these tools. Your smartphone would be enough to shoot the video in the beginning. You can choose a room that has a silent environment and good light.

Pro video editing tips to go: If you are shy or unable to record coherent sound for your videos, you can take the help of voice generating tools that can read out your script in a style, tone, and language of your preference. And you may not need to hire audio voice actors for your audiovisual content.

There are plenty of cost-effective methods to edit your videos, make professional videos, and send out these videos to a worldwide audience.

Best video editing tools take your video editing tips to the next level

1. Audio Equipment

Although you have many options available to record audio with DSLR, many good cameras have internal microphones or smartphones and have good audio quality—you will still need good quality sound equipment. Most internal microphones are not strong enough to offer clear and coherent sound quality.

Good microphones only work well in a soundproof environment. Otherwise, you might face difficulty in editing videos with background noise. And it may take more time than you expected.

Pro video editing tips to go: The shortest and the best solution to add audio to your videos is using AI-based and automation-powered audio generating tools. They have multiple purpose benefits. It saves your time, effort, and money. You can add audio of any language you prefer to make your content accessible to audiences worldwide. It is a good investment if you want to spread out your content worldwide.

These tools are the most authentic source and offer more cost-effective solutions. They are a good alternative in the place of expensive microphones, DSLRs, and other cameras.

2. Lighting Equipment

After sorting out the camera and audio, now it’s time to talk about lights.

You don’t need to break your bank to build a studio with all the magnificent lights and environment. Picking up extension cords and a few lights with bulbs would do the job. Most of the content creators use the three lights stand, which is available online at Amazon on any other online retailer. The three-light stand is a traditional setup for video lights as it throws light in a strategic way around the subject. It also helps to create a soft light that ensures your issue looks like the camera’s best. You can try out different angles according to your need, but placing at a 45 ゚ angle to the left or the right of the subject and placing the light above the head and any way downwards would do a great job.

Video editing tips

The light should be balanced in your video that maintains the 45 ゚ angle to retain the softened look of the subject and minimize the shadows created by the key light.

Pro video editing tips to go: Good quality light plays a vital role in enhancing the visibility and watching experience. People who suffer from eye problems may face difficulty if the light of your videos is imbalanced.

3. Setting Up Your In-Office Studio

Set up a place to shoot your videos. Once you have the equipment, you are ready to create a place where you can shoot your videos. The environment where you shoot videos plays a vital role. If you have a studio, it will save you hours of prep time for each shoot. Or else you can turn any room into a great studio. Just make sure it’s not too empty, and it’s soundproof. You can install a couch, chair, and curtains to minimize the echoes in the room.
Pro video editing tips to go: The background wall should have some colors instead of just a white wall. You can buy some background wallpapers or you can add digital wallpapers that are now available in many online communication apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

Once you have set up a studio or a place to shoot your video, you can set up your lights. The three-stand light pod would do the job instead of installing harsh fluorescent lights. Now it’s time to test your talent.

Video editing tips—No#2. Prepare your talent.

Among the best video editing tips, knowing video making still stands as a rare talent. If you have experienced and confident actors in your company, it would be easier to shoot videos every day. Otherwise, you can do a little coaching to train your teammates on how to thrive in video making world.
Remember, everyone is not a camera-confident person; keep in mind the camera shyness factor. Help your talent memorize and practice the script.

Instead of placing a whole laptop in front of the actor, you can break the script into short paragraphs or lines so that the video actor can pick the right word at the right time at the right place.
Planning for the extra footage or screenshots can help you in advance.

Pro video editing tips to go: If your videos do not require a person briefing about products, you can add voice to your videos. Just run through AI-based voice-generating tools. You can pick the preferred voice, accent, and language from that tool.

After choosing the preferred language, you can have audio added to your videos in just a few minutes. No extra human effort, rehearsals, memorizations, and preparing script boards are not required anymore with audio generating tools. Moreover, it will save a great deal of effort in editing human voice-based videos.

Video editing tips—No#3. Plan your shot list and get used to your equipment.

Play with your equipment and take mock rehearsal shorts before you make your finalized video version. You need to take rehearsal shots to get acquainted with your equipment and check what else you could add to your video to enhance its value.

Once you shoot a mock video, you will get to see the room for a lot of improvements, and once you get revised it from your team, you will know how to make it better with every change. For instance, some of your team members may suggest how you can customize the colors of animations to represent your brand in a better way.

  • They can help you take different angles.
  • They may help you to enhance the quality of the script.
  • They might help you add the elements you might have forgotten to add.
Video editing tips help you shoot better

Time to shoot your video—some key point video editing tips.
Shooting the video can be tricky. You may need to shoot several times before you are able to shoot the final one. A wonderfully recorded video must have:

  • An emotional tint
  • A grabbing storyline
  • Strong visual cues
  • Clear and coherent sound
  • A clear message and influencing call-to-action

In the beginning, you may need a little bit of coaching. Such as to be able to draw a perfect balance is vital. In the hectic rush of recording a video, it’s normal to forget important details. Video content creation is more than the art of accessible information. Content creators making videos also need to:

  • Stick to a budget and publishing schedule
  • Work with the team to follow a plan
  • Deliver the clear communication
  • Focus on the extra factors such as props and special effects

Pro video editing tips to go: Same as you are trying to focus on all the critical factors, don’t forget to pay attention to small things as well. For instance, pay attention to all mics and light effects on each scene of the video.

Video editing tips—No#4. Shoot for the edit.

Some video content creators are better at shooting while others are better at editing. It is necessary to know the pain points of each phase.

For instance, as the person behind the camera, you may believe you collected ample footage and asked all the right interview questions. But to the editor, you may have gotten too much of one type of shot and missed out on some that would make their job easier.

So, shoot for the edit. Remember that you’ll need to edit all the footage you record. This can help you make decisions that will save you countless hours in the editing room.

There are a few different strategies for shooting with the edit in mind. This phase will sometimes overlap with your video shoot, but not always. During this stage, you’ll edit a rough cut of your video, and forward it on for stakeholder reviews.

Some videos go through several editing reviews before they get to the final product. This is also the phase where the team adds visual effects, music, and sound design.

Let’s walk through these important steps for editing your video. You’ve filmed your video footage, now it’s time to talk about editing. Video editing can be confusing. But there is a range of great options for video editing based on your skill level, operating system, and budget, including free programs and mobile apps. Let’s go over some of our favorites.

Video editing tips—No#5. Choose your music.

It will be challenging to alter the video’s mood and tone without music. Using the right music can give a different edge to your video. The right music has a positive impact and keeps your viewers engaged and intrigued. Music is the best strategy to evoke emotions. Adding music is one of the most manageable tasks so let’s not put it off.

Video editing tips include adding good music

Video editing tips—No#6. Video File Format.

Deciding the video formats are always important. There are several video file formats you can use and ensure that your desired platform supports that format. We have mentioned some commonly used video file formats you can use for different platforms.

  • MP4
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • FLV

Other video file formats include:

  • MPEG4
  • 3GPP
  • WebM
  • DNxHR
  • ProRes
  • CineForm
  • HEVC (h265)

After you save your video in the right format for upload, there are some extras you can add to your video upload that will make it easier for your audience to find your videos organically on platforms like YouTube.

Video editing tips—No#7. Add Text.

Adding an influencing headline and a description for your video always makes a difference. You can add the description up to 5000 characters, and then targeted keywords in your title to enhance its outreach from an SEO point of view and make it easier for your audience to find your video content.

Video editing tips—No#8. Visual Add-ons.

Don’t forget to add an eye-catching video thumbnail image. You can also design the thumbnail that best represents your brand with its uniqueness, You can add cards that may help you increase video engagement.

Video editing tips—No#9. Closed Captions.

Some AI-based subtitle-generating tools offer very cost-effective solutions for subtitles and close captions. They ensure the accuracy and free limit of customization and other features to add to your video. The free tools may not give you the option to translate captions into any desired language. These tools are savvy in their jobs and what they do.

They come with the guarantee of 99% accuracy, 120 plus languages, endless customization, and other wonderful features to add to your videos. Adding captions used to be a days and weeks job which has become a few minutes job due to AI-based subtitle-generating tools.

All you have to do is to upload your file and give the command to generate close captions. Not more than a few minutes will pass, and you will have your captions and subtitles ready to go. SubtitleBee is one of the tools that are the enterprises’ choice when it comes to generating close captions and subtitles in different languages. SubtitleBee is a business’s choice that wants to spread out information to all geographical locations of the world no matter what language they speak.

Its a wrap up

Due to tech motivating the change all over the global economy and this is the reason many great tools continue to thrive the world. These tools will continue to come and go, but the reason for suggesting SubtitleBee for caption and subtitle generation and for many other reasons is because the minds behind this tool are not going to stop going with the flow of tech revolution and digitization. Soon or later the SubtitleBee’s subscribers will be getting new amazing features, more and more customizations and video editing perks at amazing prices.